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Food, Medicines, and Lies The Health Talk series by Dr. Prritii

All around us in this modern day world , many heavy metals like mercury ,  aluminum and many more , are present all around us , From the food we eat , water we drink to the air we breathe these metals can be found everywhere , and there synergies can create a cocktail of major health issues in human bodies .

In this blog, we will understand the web that is being woven around our health by these heavy metals .We will also look out for some ways to lower their impact on our lives .


Mercury : A naturally occurring heavy metal , now is entering our body via various means , be it our dental amalgams , some food items mainly the seafood , vaccines with Thimerosal , and from our environment as a result of many industrial processes . This mercury that enters our body is know to have cytotoxic and notable neurotoxic effects in our body , but the alarming situation is when a combination of mercury and other heavy metals is seen , it amplifies  the detrimental impacts on our health . 

Aluminum : A major component coming from cookwares , antacids , vaccines , etc get accumulated in our body and causes many notified neurological issues and when combined with other heavy metals will lead to a cumulative toxicity that is a major challenge we will be forced to face in the near future , 

The Synergistic Dance and detrimental issues of Heavy Metals in human body :

Severe Neurological damage : When combined together both ,mercury and aluminum pose a heightened risk of many neurological conditions like ADHA and autism  . It is known to have an impact on cognitive decline , increase risk of memory loss,thus creating a challenge for our mental health ,   

  • Inflammatory response: When  combined  mercury and aluminum are known to contribute to a proinflammatory response and this can lead to  inflammatory neurodegeneration in central nervous system (CNS) cells of many types, leading to brain cell atrophy and progressive cell death 

  • Low Immune response : the combined effect is impacting the body’s ability to defend against infections and diseases , hence we will find an increase in the chronic as well as acute  health issues .

  • Reduced detoxification effect : Our body is designed in a manner that supports the  natural detoxification mechanism so as to eliminate the heavy metals in  our blood stream . But with the combination of heavy metals getting exposed,  we are facing a challenge , as there seems to be a high burden of removing these from our body and this will eventually lead to the bodies losing the natural power of detoxification.

  • Prolonged consequences : If the exposure continues for a longer time we are at a larger risk of many ailments like cardiovascular issues , autoimmune diseases and many forms of cancers. 

Conclusion:With the rise in the heavy metal toxicity and is effects both , when metals are there alone or when they come together in synergy , there is a need to empower the health care professionals to safeguard the patients health , from the first step - awareness , to the all the subsequent steps like making informed choices , getting tests and using some strategic interventions , we can slowly but surely make our way towards a healthier and a toxin free future . 



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