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Colon hydro therapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy in functional medicine

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colon irrigation, colon cleansing, or colonic irrigation, is an ancient method of cleansing the colon (large intestine) and rectum using temperature and pressure regulated filtered water.


It is a non-drug, safe, and effective approach for eliminating impacted faeces, trapped gas, mucus, and other waste items from the colon.


The technique has undoubtedly developed through time, with current technology assuring the safety and cleanliness of this famous cleansing practice.

Get instant relief from constipation acidity acid reflux, gastric indigestion bloating allergies weight gain, etc without any medicine or surgery.


Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy:

1. Makes the digestive system more effective

2. Maintains regularity and prevents constipation

3. Kickstarts weight loss

4. Increases energy

5. Improves concentration

6. Decreases risk of colon cancer

7. Increases the body's absorption of vitamins and minerals

8. Increases fertility

9. Maintains PH balance in the bloodstream

10. Improves whole-body wellbeing


Fundamental Concept behind Colon Hydrotherapy:


The water used to irrigate the colon simply hydrates its walls during the process. As a result, any previously impacted faecal matter, mucus, or other substances are loosened and washed away. Bacteria in the colon breakdown the waste that departs the body via the rectum and anus. Toxin generation is thereby slowed, and any existing  toxins are removed. This helps in improving the capacity of the intestines to absorb nutrients. It also enhances colon muscle activity, resulting in more efficient peristalsis. This is referred to as colon muscle retraining. As a result, many people experience an increase in energy and a general sense of well-being. It is also hypothesised that immunity will improve since the gastrointestinal system is involved in the creation of immune cells.

How Does Colon Hydrotherapy Work?

Water is used for flushing the colon and eliminating harmful waste and pollutants. A small amount of warm, filtered water is put into the rectum and pushed via the tube into the colon during a colonic irrigation session. Waste products and toxins in the colon wash out with water.

Main Steps of Colon Hydrotherapy include:

  • Hydration:  Water flows through the colon.

  • Activation: Hydration causes peristalsis (muscle contraction) in the colon.

  • Evacuation: The process by which the contents of the colon are emptied is known as peristalsis.  

So, those with a slow digestive system will benefit the most from it. Regular colon cleansing improves intestinal absorption and muscle function. The result is a boost in vitality and general happiness. The GI tract plays a significant part in generating immune cells. So, this therapy may boost immunity.


Advocates of colon hydrotherapy claim it can aid in gastrointestinal health. It aids in weight loss, strengthen the immune system, and lessen the likelihood of developing colon cancer. 

Why is it necessary to cleanse the colon?

A sedentary lifestyle paired with a low-fibre diet results in a slow metabolism. As a result, the intestine moves slowly and has poor peristalsis (the wave-like movement of the intestines that drives food forward). As a result, there is an increased prevalence of constipation, flatulence, bloating, and irregular bowel movements, indicating that waste products are not flowing easily out of the body; there is greater fermentation and putrefaction of undigested food by bacteria and yeast.


These microorganisms generate hazardous waste in the form of acids and gases, causing inflammation. Toxins harm intestinal tissues as well as nerve cells and glands in and surrounding the gastrointestinal system. Toxins can then pass past the walls and enter the blood and lymph, eventually reaching other body cells, tissues, and organs.


According to research, these toxic substances can induce aberrant brain function as well as cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues. As a result, while the human body does an excellent job of detoxing itself on a regular basis, certain toxins stay in the body owing to a slow metabolism and so require some assistance to promote clearance.

Who requires Colon Hydrotherapy? What are the advantages?

Colon hydrotherapy may or may not be curative. However, it may benefit people who are suffering directly or indirectly from a gastrointestinal system problem.

  • Constipation

  • Indigestion and bloating

  •  Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  • Bad breath (halitosis)

  • The tongue is constantly coated.

  • Lethargy

  • Before undergoing a colonoscopy

  • As part of a weight-loss plan

  • Diabetes plan

  • Metabolic Syndrome

Anyone seeking for a detoxification programme to boost health who is driven to make a lifestyle change

When to avoid Colon Hydrotherapy:

 It is recommended that people avoid colon hydrotherapy if they have:

  1. A frequent piles problem

  2. During the menstrual cycle in women

  3. While pregnant

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Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal

Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal, MBBS, Functional Medicine USA, Gut Health, Autoimmunity, Diabetes and Obesity Reversal, and BHRT expert, CEO of Mediskool health services pvt ltd. The president of IAFM - Indian Association of Functional Medicine, and worked with VLCC, springer publishing house, Cipla, Nova and many other renowned companies and have more than 28+ years of experience. Now Practising Functional Medicine in Gurugram.


If you are looking for personalized medical support and functional medicine doctor, we highly recommend contacting Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal, PeakWellness Center in Gurugram, Haryana.

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