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healthy food with dr priti nanda

Peak Wellness
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Dr. Prritii, a

functional medicine expert,

and certified health coach.

dr priti nanda sibal


Introducing Healthcare Large Language Model by Dr. Prritii

Best Functional Medicine Doctor in India 

Meet the inspiring Dr. Prritii Nanda Sibal , a functional medicine expert, Self-made Entrepreneur, Mentor and highly acclaimed Leadership Coach for Physicians, with a journey that embodies resilience and compassion. Graduating from GMC Amritsar and dedicating over two decades to practicing medicine, Dr. Prritii nanda Sibal's life took an unexpected turn in 2015 when she was diagnosed with diabetes.This revelation struck a chord with her, having witnessed the debilitating impact of diabetes on her own relatives. Determined to turn the tables, Dr. Prritii Nanda Sibal pursued a fellowship in functional medicine from the prestigious George Washington University in the USA.
Armed with newfound knowledge and a passion to make a difference, Dr. Prritii Nanda Sibal applied the main principles of the BENDS approach to her own life. The results were nothing short of remarkable—she successfully reversed her own diabetes.
Fueled by a mission to extend this transformative journey to others, Dr. Prritii Nanda Sibal founded Medi-Skool . This healthcare initiative has become a piece  of hope for countless patients, with over 1200 success stories of diabetes reversal under its belt.
Dr. Prritii Nanda Sibal's personal triumph over diabetes has not only reshaped her life but has also become a guiding light for those seeking a path to wellness. Through Medi-Skool , she continues to champion the cause of holistic healthcare, proving that with dedication and the right approach, one can overcome even the most challenging health conditions.


Dr. Prritii’s Health Journey


Dry Hair



Body aches








My work involves intense long hours of standing and speaking - due to which I had lot fatigue which was causing constant dip my in peak state...
Dr. Prritii's correct diagnostic and precise guidance brought my mental clarity and sharpness back. Thank you Dr. Prritii

- Akshar Yadav
(India's freshest Lead Generation expert.)

akshar yadav

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