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BHRT Therapy

Hormones identical to those produced by the body are used in BHRT. It's a treatment for hormone deficiencies. BHRT Therapy treats hormone-related menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.


To customize BHRT Therapy, hormones taken from soy or yam plants and synthesized in a lab. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are the main hormones utilized in BHRT Treatment.


The Food and Drug Administration does not recognize BHRT. It falls under complementary or alternative medicine. Before choosing BHRT Therapy, talk to a doctor about its benefits and cons.


How does Functional Medicine treat Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?


Bioidentical hormone replacement treatment (BHRT) mimics the body's hormones. BHRT tackles hormone imbalance and deficiency symptoms. Such as fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, and diminished libido in functional medicine.


Functional medicine starts BHRT by assessing hormone levels and symptoms. It usually includes a comprehensive medical history, physical examination, and laboratory testing. Functional medicine doctor will use the data from these evaluations. It is to create a patient-specific treatment plan. It involves BHRT Treatment and other lifestyle therapies, including diet, exercise, and stress management.


In functional medicine, BHRT Therapy is often given as individualized hormone formulations. It's designed to address a patient's unique health concerns. Hormones given by topical and injectable preparations such as creams, gels, patches, and injections.


Functional medicine practitioners focus on hormone levels and BHRT. They consider patient health and well-being. Hormone irregularities like nutritional deficiencies, chronic inflammation, or digestive issues, must be treated.


Functional medicine's hormone-balancing BHRT works. It reduces symptoms and improves life. A functional medicine specialist can simplify treatment.


Advantages of BHRT:

  • It’s helpful in balancing hormones

  • Thyroid issues

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Diabetes

  • Sleep disorders

  • Bone health

  • Cardiac health

  • Mood swings

  • Memory


How long is treatment with BHRT possible?


To treat the symptoms of menopause and other hormonal changes, women often maintain medication for two to three years. If the results are satisfactory, you can keep going forever.


Is long-term BHRT treatment possible?


BHRT duration varies on the patient's health and anti-aging goals. Yet, most of our patients can continue this medication.

Can BHRT make you fat?


The first BHRT pellet insertion is often followed by weight gain and water retention for many women. Muscle growth stimulated by testosterone, which in turn causes fluid retention. Two to five pounds of weight gain may occur.


BHRT, is a therapy that uses a subcutaneous pellet system. It is to balance and optimize hormone levels in both men and women.


Hormone restoration improves weight loss, lean muscle mass, body tone, strength, and energy. Stamina, sexual desire, sleep, mood, hair, bones, brain function, and memory improve.

BHRT treatment is a highly advanced treatment it should be done by a right practitioner. If anyone want to go for this advanced treatment they should approach  a professional practitioner Dr. Priti Nanada Sibal, India's best functional medicine doctor and BHRT specialist with 25+ years of experience and trained specialist for these advanced therapies.

Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal

Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal, MBBS, Functional Medicine USA, Gut Health, Autoimmunity, Diabetes and Obesity Reversal, and BHRT expert, CEO of Mediskool health services pvt ltd. The president of IAFM - Indian Association of Functional Medicine, and worked with VLCC, springer publishing house, Cipla, Nova and many other renowned companies and have more than 28+ years of experience. Now Practising Functional Medicine in Gurugram.


If you are looking for personalized medical support and functional medicine doctor, we highly recommend contacting Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal, PeakWellness Center in Gurugram, Haryana.

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