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Dr. Priti’s Functional Medicine Approach : 10 breath saving ways to save yourself from Diwali smog

10 breath-saving ways you can save yourself and your family from Diwali Smog Fest!

Diwali, the festival of lights, generally turns into a festival of smog! This Diwali be friends with nature instead of posing harm to the natural resources which gives us a lot throughout the year.

Anyway, here's some tips from Dr. Priti to combat the airpocalypse and keep breathing easy:

Diwali smog

1. Go Green with Your Diwali

Light up diyas instead of fireworks. They’re not just traditional and beautiful; they’re also lung-friendly. Plus, your four-legged friends will thank you for a noise-free festival.

2. The Masked Marvel

Become a superhero and don your mask. A good quality N95 or N99 mask can be your secret weapon against the microscopic villains in the air.

3. Houseplants: Your New Best Friends

Befriend a few air-purifying plants. Snake plants, aloe vera, and spider plants don’t just green up your space; they actively suck out the toxins.

4. The Great Indoors

Plan indoor activities! Who says Diwali fun has to be outside? Indoor treasure hunts, family karaoke, or a Diwali-themed movie marathon can be your indoor bliss.

5. Purify Your Domain

Invest in a good air purifier. It’s like having a personal bodyguard against the air-borne thugs trying to mess with your lungs.

6. Steam Power

Inhale steam with a drop of eucalyptus oil. It’s like a spa day for your respiratory tract and can help keep your airways clear.

7. Stay Hydrated: The Detox Strategy

Water is your internal cleanser. Keep sipping and flush those toxins out. Your organs will have a party, and you're invited!

8. The Herbal Armor

Sip on herbal teas with ginger, tulsi, or turmeric. These are like magic potions that boost your immunity and keep you fortified against pollution.

9. Diet: Your Daily Shield

Eat foods rich in vitamins C, E, and omega fatty acids. They’re the guardians of your body's defense mechanism.

10. Your Functional Medicine doctor: Consult Dr. Priti Nanda , the friendliest and coolest Functional Medicine doctor and she will prescribe you good binders or liver and kidney cleanse herbs and keep you healthy.

Before you light that cracker, remember, the choices we make affect the air we all breathe. So, let’s celebrate this Diwali with lights and love, not smoke and smog. Share these tips with your friends and family, and let’s make this a happy and healthy Diwali for everyone!

What’s your plan to combat the Diwali pollution?


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