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Best Functional Medicine Doctor in India: Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal

Dr. Priti’s Functional Medicine Approach : Unlocking the Potential of Neem


Introduction: Neem! Neem! Neem! Heard alot about Neem? Isn’t it the first thing you reach out to when you have a fever. Ever thought why? Let me walk you through!

Neem (Azadirachta indica), known as "the free tree of India," has been recognised for its remarkable health benefits. Let’s look upon the components of Neem that does wonders to your body.

Neem leaves are packed with a diverse range of compounds, such as nimbin, nimbidin, nimbolide, limonoids, flavonoids like quercetin, and ß-sitosterol. That’s it? No! Neem also contains biofilms.

Biofilms are naturally-occurring colonies of bacteria found both in the human body and the environment. They act as protective, slimy sheaths that bacteria create around themselves. While some biofilms are beneficial, others can be harmful. Fortunately, dietary choices can play a pivotal role in supporting gut and immune health by countering the negative impact of biofilms.

Have you ever wondered why Neem is still being used? Neem was discovered centuries ago but till date it is being used.

Power of Neem

The Power of Neem:

1. Supports Immunity: Neem has been shown to bolster the body's immune defences.

2. Blood Sugar Management: It aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels within a normal range.

3. Healthy Bile Flow: Neem promotes the optimal flow of bile in the digestive system.

4. Liver Protection: It supports natural liver-protecting mechanisms.

5. Antioxidant Properties: Neem contains constituents that act as antioxidants.

6. Stomach Acid Balance: It encourages the production of healthy stomach acid.

7. Oral Health: Neem helps maintain beneficial oral bacteria.

8. Gut Health: Neem boosts natural glutathione production, which helps clear unwanted biofilms from the small intestine.

It is important to understand the reason and mechanism behind the wide use of neem.

Understanding Neem's Mechanism:

Dr. Priti believes that neem disrupts the formation of biofilms that provide a safe haven for bacteria, particularly in the intestines. This disruption allows the body's natural gut immunity, driven by beneficial bacteria, to maintain a balanced microbiome by reducing the presence of harmful intestinal bacteria.

Seasonal Immunity Boost:

Traditionally, Dr. Priti nanda believes that consuming neem leaves just before spring (typically in January and February) can jumpstart immunity and offer year-round benefits.

Neem as a Whole-Body Cleanser:

Neem serves as a scrub for intestinal villi and actively opposes the accumulation of bacterial biofilms. It's also known for its natural cleansing and detoxifying effects on the blood, skin, and liver. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria while inhibiting harmful ones. Neem's effectiveness lies in its ability to address the subtle, microscopic environment of the microbiome.

Neem Enema: A Cautionary Approach:

An intriguing alternative therapeutic practice involving neem is the neem enema. Dr. Priti Nanda at Medi-Skool excels in performing this therapy. Here are some general instructions for preparing and administering a neem enema given by Dr. Priti:

Ingredients and Equipment:

1. 250 grams of neem leaves

2. Filtered water

3. Enema kit or bag

4. Water-based lubricant

5. Towels or sheets for cleanup

6. Timer or clock

7. A private and comfortable space

Instructions for Preparation and Administration:

- Boil 4 cups of filtered water and simmer 250gms of clean neem leaves for 15-20 minutes to create a concentrated neem solution.

- Hang the enema bag at an appropriate height, attach a lubricated enema nozzle, and position yourself comfortably.

- Administer the neem solution gently, retain it for 12-15 minutes, and then eliminate it.

Important Considerations:

Neem enemas come with potential risks, including electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, irritation, and infections. Consult Dr. Priti who has expertise in this field especially if you have underlying medical conditions or concerns. Medi-Skool makes it easy to seek guidance from Dr. Priti.

Adding up, neem is a versatile botanical with numerous health benefits, including its potential role in countering harmful biofilms. While neem enemas are an intriguing aspect of its therapeutic potential, they can be approached with the help and guidance of Dr. Priti .


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