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Colon Hydrotherapy: Benefits, procedure, and safety

Colon Hydrotherapy

In today's world, the body's natural elimination processes are overburdened and strained. This is because of increased pollution levels, unhealthy diets, and stressful lives, even among people who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Inflammation, constipation, and digestive problems are all common diseases. This is not unexpected given that the colon is the primary detoxifying doorway and handles the majority of the burden.

Colon Hydrotherapy has the following objectives:

Eliminating waste matter:

retraining and toning of the colon's muscle, which is responsible for appropriate evacuation (preferably three times per day). Total detoxification of the body, liver, and blood by reaching the blind end of the intestine throughout several sessions.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a procedure that helps in removing the toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, increasing energy as well as enhancing the metabolism of the body. Colon irrigation is a pain-free and relaxing procedure.

A full cleanse consists of 12 sessions spread out over three months. This can be followed up with a session or two every six months to maintain optimal functioning. A minimum of three sessions is necessary to begin to comprehend the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, Each session is of 40 minutes in duration.

Colon Hydrotherapy Procedure:

During the session, you’ll rest on your back on a colon hydrotherapy equipment. With the client's support, the medically sterilised stainless steel equipment is lubricated and gently placed into the rectum.

The water enters and exits the body at the same time, softly washing the colon while the therapist facilitates the release with abdominal massage.

Genitals are always covered with a clean towel.

It is a "closed system," which implies that elimination departs through a closed tube; there is no odour or wetting.

Who needs a colon cleanse?

For everyone seeking increased health, energy, and aliveness.

Acne, indigestion, constipation, skin disorders, toxicity illnesses, excess weight, weariness, sluggishness, foul breath, and so forth.

Colonic Contraindications:

Pregnancy or breastfeeding women, active/bleeding hemorrhoid's, severe acute or chronic sickness, abdominal surgery within the last 6 months, or extreme mental instability.

Before Therapy : Prepare to get the most out of the session.

  1. Drink more than normal (at least 3 litres/day) 5 days before and on the day of the treatment to stay hydrated.

  2. Be light-hearted. In the preceding days, eat light and hydrated foods.

  3. Avoid gas-forming foods and incorrect meal combinations (fruit alone and fat and proteins separate).

  4. There should be no alcohol consumed within 48 hours following your session.

  5. Avoid a meal or at least avoid eating for four hours before your visit; you'll naturally want to eat light and healthy afterwards.

  6. If at all feasible, have a bowel movement prior to your session to allow for improved water flow through the therapy.

What might I expect in the next days?

To be free, clean, empty, and light! The Therapy will not prohibit you from exercising, driving, or eating normally; life can go on as usual!

There may or may not have a bowel movement the next morning, depending on your level of hydration and the intrinsic strength of your colon. If you are afflicted, your bowel movements will return to normal in one or two days.

Humans are supposed to excrete once every meal, preferably. If you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that's three times a day!

How many sessions does a person require?

Treatment is best practised in a sequence, but one is better than none! While fasting or cleaning, it is best to do it in a series. When the body begins to release, it transfers deeper poisons from various cells and organs and empties them back into the colon. This is why numerous sessions are strongly advised for optimal effect!

Dr.Priti Nanda Sibal is CEO of Mediskool Health Services Pvt Ltd. She has experience of 25+ years and is a successful functional medicine practitioner in Gurugram. She practised with a philosophy that focused on human relationships and treating the whole person, rather than simply the disease. Such ideology was dubbed "Whole Life Health" by her. As the healthcare system made it more difficult for patients to receive this level of personalised treatment, Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal near Gurugram decided to bring change in lives of people. She gave priority to personal health of an individual and she is doing it by practicing dedicatedly entirely to Functional Medicine.


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